Nong Chok FCI

Grand Prix is the new Thailand
One Loft Race which created the arena for all world fanciers. In order to promote the mundial ranking to all nations, the FCI decided to issue the FCI Grandprix Rings for fanciers in non members countries. This is to help all fanciers worldwide because even in the countries that are FCI members but some fanciers may not be able to purchase the FCI foot rings. These fanciers can use the FCI Grandprix Rings instead of the normal FCI foot rings. Thailand Nong Chok FCI Grand Prix will help participants in many non FCI member countries order the FCI Grandprix Rings in 2020.


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Final Race Schedule

Thailand Nong Chok FCI Grand Prix will be the First Asia one loft race that hosts both the FCI race and Masters World Division of the one loft racing world League. The winner in 2020 will be ranked in 32 top world fanciers to compete in Master World Division 2021. It is a great opportunity to be able to race with the world class fanciers.